September 1, 2000

Exercises for the Active Senior

Golfer's Exercises

For erector spinae or lower back muscles:
  1. Sit with legs extended and flex the trunk forward from the hips.
  2. Stand upright six inches from the wall and lean backwards, using lower back muscles.
For trunk muscles:
  1. Stand with hands on hips, rotate back with right elbow coming forward and, then, with left elbow coming forward.
  2. Stand with feet apart, put right hand on hip and extend left arm over head with elbow bent. Bend body to right with arm arching over head. Hold stretched position for count of 25. Repeat on left side.
  3. Kneel on hands and knees with head hanging down. Arch your back and feel the pull of the shoulders to your lower back. Count to 25.
For rhomboids — upper back:
  1. With 10 lb weights in both hands raise the arms to shoulder level and bend elbows to the side. Move the arms backwards to stress your upper back muscles.
  2. Interlace your fingers with palms upward; reach as high as you can. Count to 25, then slowly return to your starting position.
For shoulders:
  1. Clasp both hands in front of you and swing the hands to the right perpendicular to the shoulders and then return slowly to the starting position and repeat to the left.
  2. Hold a 10 lb dumbbell in both hands at the sides. Lift both hands to shoulder height extended at the sides, then move both arms to meet in front of the chest. Reverse the procedure.
For maximum effect, all exercises need to be done for 10-20 repetitions.

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