July 04, 2020
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The Downward Dog Path to Migraine Relief
Leslie Carr

Yoga can reduce not just the pain, but also the frequency and treatment cost of migraines. Read more >

A Fix for Herniated Discs
Neil Wagner

The options for people suffering from disc pain are not miracle cures. A new method for refilling compressed discs shows promise. Read more >

An Acetaminophen-ADHD/Autism Link
Charlotte LoBuono

When a pregnant woman takes acetaminophen or gives it for a baby's fever, she triples the child's risk of autism and attention deficits. Read more >

CBD, Hemp, and Marijuana
Charlotte LoBuono

One makes you high; the othesr don't. All have a variety of health claims attached to them. Read more >

The Cannabis Chronicles
Charlotte LoBuono

As laws regulating cannabis are relaxed, parents can take precautions to keep kids safe. Read more >

Seniors' Cannabis Problem
Charlotte LoBuono

Seniors are often reluctant to ask about how medical marijuana might help them, and many doctors lack the information to offer advice. Read more >

Insurers' Obstacles to Opioid Treatment
Neil Wagner

Buprenorphine relieves the symptoms of opioid withdrawal, yet insurance coverage for the drug is falling. Read more >

That Pain in Your Neck
Charlotte LoBuono

Physical therapists are seeing more neck, shoulder and back problems thanks to this tech device. Some ideas for avoiding injury. Read more >

An Alternative Path to Treating Fibromyalgia
Charlotte LoBuono

The chronic pain of fibromyalgia can be hard to bear. Tai chi may offer some relief. Read more >

The Power of Touch
Alice G. Walton

A study finds that when a loved one takes your hand, it can sync your brains and reduce pain. Read more >

A Pill for Emotional Pain
Alice G. Walton

Over-the-counter medications like Tylenol and Advil can make you feel better emotionally, too. Read more >

Infants Born to Opioid-Addicted Mothers
Esther Entin, M.D.

Deaths from opioid overdoses are alarming, but the drugs are harming newborns, too. Read more >

Painkillers and Pregnancy
Alice G. Walton

Prenatal exposure to the painkiller acetaminophen has been linked to language and fertility issues. Read more >

Easing Breast Cancer Treatment Pain with Needles
Esther Entin, M.D.

Acupuncture eases the painful side effects from drugs used to treat hormone-sensitive breast cancer. Read more >

Help for Those with Back Pain
Neil Wagner

Short bursts of radio waves relieved back pain in 90 percent of patients. Read more >

How Much Painkiller for that Appendectomy?
Charlotte LoBuono

Given the opioid epidemic, doctors are re-thinking the amount of painkiller prescribed after surgery. Read more >

Back to School
Neil Wagner

If backpacks don't fit right, or weigh too much, they can cause back problems. Tips from an orthopedist. Read more >

Treating Pain without Pills
Neil Wagner

Just one session of self-hypnosis or meditation training results in a 25 percent reduction in pain. No opioids needed. Read more >

An Affordable Treatment for Lower Back Pain
Charlotte LoBuono

Yoga faces off against physical therapy as a low-cost way to treat lower back pain. The results are impressive. Read more >

Few Parents Store Opioids Safely
Charlotte LoBuono

Too many parents store opioid pain relievers where kids and teens can get them. Read more >

Over-Medicated Seniors
Esther Entin, M.D.

Seniors are being given prescriptions that can muddle their minds and cause falls. Here is how over-prescribing can be avoided. Read more >

Attention, Meat-Eaters
Neil Wagner

As meat consumption goes up, so does the risk of diverticulitis. A coincidence? Or a connection? Read more >

Gum Disease Linked to Joint Disease
Charlotte LoBuono

Your gum disease may be putting you at risk for rheumatoid arthritis. One bacteria in particular appears to play a big role. Read more >

Codeine and Kids: A Dangerous Mix
Neil Wagner

It is too easy to overdose a child without meaning to. A report in Pediatrics explains why. Read more >

Kidney Stones? Head to the Amusement Park
Neil Wagner

People with kidney stones may find they've passed after they get off this ride. Read more >

Women and ADHD
Neil Wagner

Women with ADHD tend to live in poverty, suffer from anxiety and depression, and fly under the radar of mental health programs. Read more >

Surgery and the Risk of Opioid Addiction
Charlotte LoBuono

Patients on painkillers after surgery run the risk of addiction. Read more >

Addicted To Pain
Alice G. Walton

Chronic pain affects the brain’s addiction pathways, suggesting new approaches to pain management. Read more >

Kids, School and Headaches
Neil Wagner

Back-to-school brings headaches for many kids. The stress and change of schedule are two reasons. Read more >

New FDA Warning on NSAIDs
Esther Entin, M.D.

You may be taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs without knowing it. The heart complications can be serious. Read more >

Fertility Problems? Pain Medications May Be Responsible
Neil Wagner

Ovulation dropped by 75% and more in women taking certain over-the-counter and prescription pain meds. Read more >

Chronic Fatigue Is Real, Not a State of Mind
Neil Wagner

Two studies put to rest the idea that chronic fatigue sufferers are malingerers or worse. Read more >

Milk Eases Women's Osteoarthritis
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Drinking milk every day may help reduce the joint damage of osteoarthritis. Read more >

Largely Unnecessary, Brain Scans for Headaches Reach $1 Billion
Alice G. Walton

Brain scans for migraine sufferers cost $1 billion a year and are rarely useful. What needs to happen. Read more >

Massage a Viable Treatment for Chronic Neck Pain
Alice G. Walton

Massage can be an effective treatment for chronic neck pain, but you should be treated several times a week for several weeks. Read more >

Acetaminophen Use in Pregnancy May Raise Risk of Hyperactivity
Esther Entin, M.D.

Acetaminophen has some bad effects on unborn babies and may be behind the rising rates of ADHD. Read more >

FDA Asks Physicians, Pharmacists,to Help Reduce Acetaminophen Overdoses
Neil Wagner

Because so many drugs contain the painkiller acetaminophen, it is easy to overdose. Liver damage is one result. Read more >

New Routes to Easing Chronic Pain
Michael J. Gertner

Two studies shed light on the brain signals behind chronic pain and suggest new approaches to overriding them. Read more >

Meditation May Help Relieve Anxiety, Depression, and Pain
Charlotte LoBuono

Don't Medicate, Meditate Read more >

Drinkers Taking Acetaminophen Risk Kidney Damage
Neil Wagner

If you are a regular drinker, taking acetaminophen can damage your kidneys as well as your liver. Read more >

Fat Cells Secrete Proteins Linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis
Charlotte LoBuono

Rheumatoid arthritis begins with factor D, secreted by fat cells in joints. Stop Factor D, stop RA. Read more >

Certain Migraine Medications Should Not Be Taken during Pregnancy
Alice G. Walton

When taken during pregnancy, certain migraine medications may affect a baby's mental abilities. Read more >

How to Beat a Hangover
Neil Wagner

A chemist explains all you need to know about hangovers and what you can do to relieve them. Read more >

Barefoot Running Shoes: Go Slowly
Neil Wagner

Minimalist or barefoot running shoes may be more natural, but switching to them is tricky. Stress fractures are not uncommon. Read more >

What Texting Does to Your Neck
Neil Wagner

Sitting bent over a phone or tablet or laptop puts a huge strain on your neck. The pain has a name: text neck. Read more >

A Troubling Pattern in End-of-Life Care
Alice G. Walton

When a person is dying, it is important to discuss hospice care with doctors to avoid unnecessary treatments and offer more hospice time. Read more >

Ibuprofen Can Present Risks for Kids
Alice G. Walton

Ibuprofen can occasionally lead to serious kidney problems in children. Read more >

Meditation: Changing the Mind for the Better
Neil Wagner

Meditation changes the brain differently, depending on the type of meditation you practice. Read more >

The New OxyContin Spurs Heroin Use
Neil Wagner

Abuse of OxyCotin prompted a reformulation. Unfortunately, that prompted heroin use... Read more >

Chronic Pain Reveals Its Secrets
Neil Wagner

Pain that won't go away may actually really be all in your head... in the excessive signals... Read more >

Alternative Medicine: Does the Research Support the Movement? Part 1: Acupuncture
Alice G. Walton

It's hard to know what to believe when it comes to alternative medical practices. Read more >

Antidepressants Relieve Arthritis Pain
Neil Wagner

Certain antidepressants can help relieve osteoarthritis pain. Read more >

No More Tears: Comforting Baby after Vaccinations
Neil Wagner

The five S's calm babies who have just felt the sting of a vaccination; it's likely they can help... Read more >

How Marijuana Impairs Memory
Neil Wagner

Cannabinoid receptors are found on glial cells as well as neurons, raising new prospects for pot... Read more >

A Closer Look at Over-the-Counter Painkillers
Alice G. Walton

Turning to acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin now and then is fine, but long-term use can damage organs. Read more >

Tablet Computers' Ergonomic Issues
Neil Wagner

Tablet computers are popular and convenient and really bad for your back and neck, unless you know.. Read more >

Exercise Works to Decrease Migraine Headaches
Esther Entin, M.D.

Exercise can actually help reduce the frequency of migraine episodes. Read more >

A New Way to Study Pain
Alice G. Walton

Researchers have developed a painometer - a new way to more accurately rate patients'pain... Read more >

Massage Beats Conventional Treatments for Lower Back Pain
Neil Wagner

Several types of massage can be helpful in relieving back pain. Read more >

FDA Panel Urges New Instructions and Dosing on Infant Pain Relievers
Alice G. Walton

Acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, does not appear to reduce kids' pain, just their fever. Read more >

Clues to Why Meditation Relieves Pain
Neil Wagner

A very simple form of meditation has been found to help reduce pain as well or better than morphine. Read more >

Physical and Emotional Pain Have Similar Effect on the Brain
Alice G. Walton

The emotional pain of romantic relationship break-up has the same effect on the brain as physical... Read more >

Study Finds Opioids Taken During Pregnancy Increase Birth Defects
Neil Wagner

If you are pregnant or trying to beome pregnant, check with your doctor before taking any medication — even herbal preparations. Read more >

Cancer Patients on Opioid Drugs Have More Cognitive Deficits
Alice G. Walton

Cancer patients on opioid painkillers often experience confusion, disorientation and forgetfulness. Read more >

Cancer: Quit Smoking for Pain Relief
Neil Wagner

Is it that smoking actually increases cancer pain, or that greater pain increases smoking? Read more >

Fibromyalgia: Too Tough for Mindfulness Therapy?
Neil Wagner

Can mindfulness therapy reduce the pain experienced by people with this baffling condition? Read more >

Stem Cells Help Paralyzed Monkey Regain Mobility
Alice G. Walton

Researchers say that implanting stem cells allowed a paralyzed monkey to walk - and jump - again... Read more >

Anger and Sadness Increase Pain
Neil Wagner

Anger and sadness tend to make a person's experience of pain worse. Read more >

Did Your Doctor Really Make a Mistake or Do You Just Think So?
Alice G. Walton

Many people think their doctors made an error. True or not, patients often switch doctors... Read more >

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a Side of Exercise Helps Fibromyalgia
Alice G. Walton

Fibromyalgia patients better manage their pain with cognitive behavior therapy and exercise. Read more >

Laughter May Be the Best Medicine of All
Neil Wagner

Laughter affects the body much the same way exercise does, reducing stress and pain... Read more >

New Insights on How the Body Responds to Pain
Alice G. Walton

New research suggests that targeting the OLAM compounds that activate pain receptors may block pain. Read more >

Pain Medications May Increase Hearing Loss
Neil Wagner

Taking over-the-counter pain medication like aspirin or ibuprofen may raise the risk of hearing loss, particularly in men. Read more >

Zen Meditation: Feeling No Pain
Neil Wagner

Research has found that Zen meditation reduces the experience of pain, seemingly by thickening the brain's gray matter. Read more >

Oxygen Effective at Treating Cluster Headaches
Neil Wagner

High-flow oxygen is a treatment alternative for people suffering from cluster headaches who cannot take sumatriptan or similar medications. Read more >

MRI Scan No Cure for Lower Back Pain
Neil Wagner

About 90% of all cases of lower back pain show spontaneous improvement within four weeks. Read more >

Yoga Eases Lower Back Pain
Neil Wagner

Exercises such as yoga can reduce back pain by strengthening muscles of the midsection. Read more >

Cosmetic Surgery Method May Bring Migraine Relief
Alice G. Walton

A promising new treatment using botox dramatically reduced migraines by disarming the nerves around trigger points. The procedure also gave... Read more >

Needles Optional? Sham Acupuncture Relieves Back Pain Too
Jordana Bieze Foster

Acupuncture can help reduce back pain, but piercing the skin may not be necessary to reap its benefits. Read more >

Exercise is Under-Utilized in Treating Back Pain
Neil Wagner

Exercise can help reduce back pain, but tends not to be prescribed often enough. Read more >

New Hope for Back Pain
Neil Wagner

Spinal discs are gel-filled sacs that sit between the vertebrae (bones) of the spinal column. They function as a cushion or shock absorber. Read more >

Take 12 Bars and Call me in the Morning: Music, Mood and Illness
Neil Wagner

Listening to music you like (it does not matter what kind) can lower anxiety, reduce pain and improve mood. Read more >

Focusing on Infant Pain Relief
Esther Entin, M.D.

Newborns who felt repeated pain showed changes in neurologic development and in their immediate and future behavior. Read more >

Richard P. Kraig, Ph.D., M.D.

Dealing with Chronic Pain: The Mind Body Solution
Hilary Tindle, M.D., M.P.H.

Acute Pancreatitis
Stephen J. Pandol M.D.

A New Surprise from the Original Wonder Drug
Tom Gilbert

One of the world's oldest and most popular pain killers, aspirin, has recently been shown to decrease the risk for a number of diseases, including stroke and heart attack. Read more >

Less Painkiller, Less Pain?
Tom Gilbert

Consider this common scenario. Read more >

Of Mice and Men and Women: The Genetics of Pain
Tom Gilbert

People experience pain differently; some are more sensitive than others. Genes may be the reason. Read more >

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