October 15, 2019
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Introverts Masquerading as Extraverts
Alice G. Walton

Intentionally acting like an extravert might help you feel happier. Read more >

HRT and Breast Cancer
Charlotte LoBuono

Hormone replacement therapy can ease the symptoms of menopause, but there's a downside -- a higher risk of breast cancer. Read more >

Game Your Diet
Charlotte LoBuono

Making exercise a game keeps activity levels up. And one kind of gamification seems to work best. Read more >

MS Treatment Costs Skyrocket
Neil Wagner

The average cost for a year's supply of MS drugs has more than quadrupled, jumping from about $18,000 to $76,000 since 2006. Read more >

Choking on Supplements
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

The size of many vitamins and supplements can be a problem for older adults. Here's what helps. Read more >

The Anti-Aging Compound in Blueberries
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Nearly everyone loves them, and for those over 65, blueberries are a tasty hedge against aging. Read more >

Pot and Pregnancy
Charlotte LoBuono

Cannabis consumption is not good for developing fetuses. But with legalization, use of marijuana among pregnant women has doubled. Read more >

Genetic Testing and IVF
Charlotte LoBuono

More couples undergoing in vitro fertilization are opting for genetic testing before implantation. Read more >

You Found a Wallet; Now What?
Neil Wagner

Researchers dropped off wallets containing money at 17,000 sites. The results surprised them. Read more >

Put a Little More Fish in Your Life
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Red and processed meats are bad for you; fish is good. So why aren't people in the U.S. eating more fish? Read more >

Modern Tech, Ancient Practice
Alice G. Walton

A responsive meditation app helps boost attention among those who need it most. Read more >

Deluded about Dementia
Charlotte LoBuono

People worry about dementia, but too few do what they should to keep their brains sharp. Read more >

Beware of Diet Blogs
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Weight loss blogs can be uplifting, but the information they offer is often inaccurate and high calorie. Read more >

Lift Like a Girl
Charlotte LoBuono

Certain muscle fibers in elite female athletes care not just as good as those of men, they are better. Read more >

Good and Bad News on Prescription Opioids
Charlotte LoBuono

The number of prescriptions written for opioids is falling, but more are being written for long durations. Read more >

Say "No" to E-Story Time
Leslie Carr

Conversations happen when parents read books with kids. E-books make those talks harder to come by. Read more >

Rising Teen Depression
Alice G. Walton

Phone use is a factor. Parents who encourage person-to-person interactions can help. Read more >

Mind Games Make Willpower Easier
Charlotte LoBuono

When it comes to self-control, willpower isn't enough. You need to set yourself up to succeed. Read more >

Food Tracking Made Easy
Leslie Carr

Counting calories is a good way to lose weight, but it can be tedious. A quicker approach works better. Read more >

Mindfulness, Via Smartphone
Leslie Carr

Cell phones can make us feel lonely, but they can also help us connect more and stay in the moment. Read more >

Happier Exercisers
Charlotte LoBuono

Does more exercise mean less depression, or does more depression mean less exercise? Read more >

Moms' Invisible Work
Leslie Carr

Knowing kids' teachers, kids' schedules and what's in the fridge takes a lot of mental energy, even if it largely goes unrecognized. Read more >

Health Data Privacy Scams
Neil Wagner

Companies will pay good money for information about you. This, along with tech advances, threatens the security of health data. Read more >

Reining in Kids' Media Use
Charlotte LoBuono

Of course kids' media exposure is out of control. But what can parents do? A lot, actually. Start with a plan. Read more >

Be Honest with Your Doctor
Charlotte LoBuono

If you withhold the truth from your doctor, you end up with a less-informed professional opinion. Some ideas to improve the conversation. Read more >

New Physical Activity Guidelines
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

The 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines make it easier for people to achieve the exercise levels they need for better health. Read more >

Social Media Can Bring You Down
Leslie Carr

Spending more time looking at others' online lives than connecting with people face-to-face can leave you depressed and lonely. Read more >

Obesity Drains the U.S. Economy
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

The costs related to caring for an increasingly overweight population come to over $1.7 trillion. Read more >

Born Fit
Neil Wagner

Call it trickle-down health: A father's fitness level before conception can make a big difference in his children's weight and metabolism. Read more >

The Roots of Emotional Regulation
Alice G. Walton

The ways babies’ emotion centers are connected in the brain may predict how they handle emotion. Read more >

The Dark Factor of Personalty
Neil Wagner

People with the D Factor show evidence of one or more of nine traits and cultivate self-centered beliefs to support their actions. Read more >

Depression and Menopause
Charlotte LoBuono

The changes in hormones that mark the transition to menopause leave women vulnerable to depression. Read more >

Teens, Smartphones, and Cars
Charlotte LoBuono

Over a third of teen drivers text while driving. Parents need to make clear it's never OK to pick up the phone while behind the wheel. Read more >

Low-Carb Diets are High-Risk
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Cutting carbohydrates raises your risk of premature death and serious health problems. What matters is the kind of carbs you eat. Read more >

Some Cancers Aren't
Neil Wagner

Some cancerous growths are slow-moving and rarely life-threatening. Avoiding the term changes things. Read more >

For Women, HDL May Be Not-So-Good Cholesterol
Charlotte LoBuono

HDL is called the good cholesterol because it protects your heart. But not when menopause hits. Read more >

Diabetes, Just Around the Corner
Alice G. Walton

Even seemingly healthy people can have blood sugar spikes that creep into diabetes territory. Read more >

How Do You Deal with Setbacks?
Charlotte LoBuono

Setbacks tell us important things about our goals. We just need to listen. Read more >

Does a Virus Trigger Alzheimer's?
Alice G. Walton

People with a common childhood virus may be more susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease years later. Read more >

"I Need A Little Space"
Alice G. Walton

In the uncertainty of new relationships, playing hard to get can seem like a good idea, but it can backfire. Read more >

A Growing Health Literacy Crisis
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

As medicine becomes more technical, people can have trouble understanding doctors' orders. Read more >

Hot Parked Cars
Alice G. Walton

Leaving a child or a pet in a parked car can quickly become fatal. Read more >

Tinder and the Myth of Casual Sex
Alice G. Walton

Dating apps like Tinder are seen as places where men and women go to hook up. But people also use them to make an emotional connection. Read more >

Give Fish a Chance
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Eating fish twice a week dramatically cuts your risk of heart problems. You can learn to love it. Really. Read more >

The Summer of Love, 50 Years On
Neil Wagner

A poll of people over 65 finds they think sex is still important. Health and gender matter, however. Read more >

Kids in the Kitchen
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

One good way to give your kids healthy eating habits is to have them help prepare food at home. Read more >

Vaping's Toxic Flavors
Esther Entin, M.D.

Flavors can make vaping attractive, but they are far from harmless. They can be fine in foods, but become toxic when inhaled. Read more >

Health on Hand: Snack On
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

There's nothing wrong with a snack. It's what you grab that matters. Use this list to stock your pantry. Read more >

Depression and Contraception
Charlotte LoBuono

Does taking birth control bring on depression? It depends on what birth control you take. Read more >

An End to the Low-Fat vs. Low-Carb Debate?
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Deciding between a low-carb or a low-fat diet has puzzled dieters for decades. Here's an answer. Read more >

New Statistics on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Esther Entin, M.D.

Many more children suffer from the effects of mothers' drinking while pregnant than has been reported. Read more >

A Pill for Emotional Pain
Alice G. Walton

Over-the-counter medications like Tylenol and Advil can make you feel better emotionally, too. Read more >

Party at Mom and Dad's House
Esther Entin, M.D.

Some believe that teens who are allowed to drink at home are less likely to abuse alcohol. Not really. Read more >

Hidden Hunger
Esther Entin, M.D.

A lack of money is only one reason people go hungry. A lack of stores offering fresh foods is another. Read more >

Worried about Kids' Time Online?
Neil Wagner

Kids are smarter about online content than we think, but too much time online makes them unhappy. Read more >

Breastfeeding and Diabetes
Esther Entin, M.D.

Breastfeeding reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Here's why. Read more >

Painkillers and Pregnancy
Alice G. Walton

Prenatal exposure to the painkiller acetaminophen has been linked to language and fertility issues. Read more >

Health Tips to Take into 2018
Leslie Carr

The new year is a clean slate that inspires us to try to do better. So here are some tips for body and mind to energize your efforts. Read more >

Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters
Alice G. Walton

Who doesn't like dessert better than vegetables? Picky eaters need to try healthy foods repeatedly. Read more >

Putting Mindfulness to the Test
Leslie Carr

A counseling center, overwhelmed by visits from anxious students, gives mindfulness training a try. Read more >

Tantrums: Have a Plan
Alice G. Walton

Meltdowns are hard to bear. Have a game plan for keeping it together to help your child and keep you sane. Read more >

Go with the Grain
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Give whole grains in bread, pastas and salads a chance. You'll lose weight and reduce your risk of diabetes and colorectal cancer. Read more >

Colitis and IBS Start Where?
Alice G. Walton

People who have inflammatory bowel syndromes may be focused on the wrong end of their bodies. Read more >

Inequality Hits Home
Charlotte LoBuono

Having kids tests the balance of work and responsibility in couples' relationships. Wives usually end up doing more than their husbands. Read more >

Bullying and Mental Health
Esther Entin, M.D.

Bullying's effects on kids' mental health are both better and worse than we expect. Read more >

STDs on the Rise
Esther Entin, M.D.

There was an "epidemic" rise in the rates of several sexually-transmitted infections last year, all treatable. Read more >

Good Friends Are Good For You
Alice G. Walton

Close friends are good for your long-term health. The opposite is also true. Read more >

Depressed New Moms
Esther Entin, M.D.

Many new mothers experience some form of postpartum mood disorder. Yet few seek help. Read more >

Beware Consumer Ratings
Charlotte LoBuono

If you use consumer reviews to make buying decisions, here's why you may be making poor choices. Read more >

Online and Off, Attachment Styles Guide Relationships
Neil Wagner

Close relationships tend to reflect the attachment styles of those in them. So do those on social media. Read more >

The Road to Menopause
Esther Entin, M.D.

Every woman alive goes through the transition to menopause. It can take years. Hot flashes are just one of the many unpleasant symptoms. Read more >

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids
Esther Entin, M.D.

Personal sound amplification devices are likely to become available the way reading glasses are. Read more >

Something Fine Is in the Air
Neil Wagner

Air pollution is down, but fine particles remain a major health threat. Read more >

Blood Pressure Control
Aditya Khetan MBBS, Richard A Josephson MS MD, and Sri Krishna Madan Mohan MBBS, MRCP, FACC

Keeping hypertension under control protects your health. So why do so many fail to do it? Part 2. Read more >

Me? High Blood Pressure?
Aditya Khetan MBBS, Richard A Josephson MS MD, and Sri Krishna Madan Mohan MBBS, MRCP, FACC

Aging makes hypertension more likely. Reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Know how to take your pressure properly. Read more >

Tooth Decay, Canadian Style
Neil Wagner

In Canada the costs of healthcare means limits to dental coverage. It also inspires comparisons. Read more >

Raising Children on Digital Devices
Esther Entin, M.D.

They pose special risks for young brains and minds. Set some limits and follow them yourself. Read more >

Measles Outbreaks and Travel
Charlotte LoBuono

Measles is highly contagious and picked up during travel. Check your immunity before going on vacation. Read more >

The True Cost of Wasted Food
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Farms and families throw out lots of food. Discarded nutrients could help feed millions of Americans. Read more >

A Vegan Childhood
Esther Entin, M.D.

Raising children on a vegan diet poses special nutritional challenges. Given picky eaters and other issues, it's harder than you may think. Read more >

Free Speech As a Cover for Racism
Leslie Carr

Free speech is often used after the fact to justify, or some might say, sanctify, racist comments. Read more >

Photo Sharing As Food Diary
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Taking a picture of your meal and posting it to social media brings diet support -- and accuracy. Read more >

The Problem with Comfort Food
Esther Entin, M.D.

Using food to soothe kids is likely to lead to emotional eating and weight gain. Read more >

To Prevent Alzheimer's, Start Early
Esther Entin, M.D.

In your 40s and worried about dementia? Try to reduce these cardiovascular risk factors. Read more >

Sexual Adventurers
Charlotte LoBuono

For many women vacation is a time of sexual exploration. While this can be empowering, it also brings risks. Read more >

Baby Product Safety Risks
Esther Entin, M.D.

Most of the injuries to infants and toddlers happen at home and involve products designed for child safety. What parents need to look for. Read more >

Bad News, Boomers
Esther Entin, M.D.

Baby boomers are supposed to have a one-time screening for hep C. So why aren't they getting it? Read more >

Four Unhealthy Eating Habits That Make You Gain Weight
Esther Entin, M.D.

The American Heart Association offers way to tweak your eating habits to keep the pounds off. Read more >

Bullying's Hidden Damage
Alice G. Walton

Bullying doesn’t just harm kids' self-esteem; it hurts kid’s grades, too. Read more >

Paper Tiger
Neil Wagner

Chemicals in fast food wrappers can remain in your body for up to 10 years. Read more >

The Right -- And Wrong -- Way to Give Kids a Time Out
Esther Entin, M.D.

Time outs are an effective way to discipline bad behavior, but you need to know how to give them. Read more >

The Medical Bill You Weren't Expecting
Neil Wagner

When an out-of network doctor puts you out, the bill can knock you out all over again. Read more >

Dads Give High Marks to a School Readiness Program
Esther Entin, M.D.

When fathers read with their children, instead of to them, it's a win-win. Read more >

Calm and Happy? There's an App for That
Neil Wagner

Clinicians have designed a set of apps to reduce depression and anxiety. They seem to help. Read more >

Diets: Which Is Better — Low Carb or Low Fat?
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

What's the best way to lose weight in the New Year? Here are some answers. Read more >

Holiday Heart Syndrome
Esther Entin, M.D.

Don't let Holiday Heart Syndrome land you or a loved one in the ER this season. Read more >

Fatty Foods' Profound Effect on the Teenage Brain
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Fatty foods like chips, burgers and fries can rob teens' brains of a protein key to development. Read more >

New Dosing Guidelines for People on Statins
Esther Entin, M.D.

Higher doses statins can significantly prolong life, even for those over 75. Read more >

Find Your Competitive Edge
Alice G. Walton

Want to up your fitness? Get a little more competitive. Read more >

Why Environmental Regulations Are a Bargain
Neil Wagner

The health costs of toxic chemicals like pesticides and flame retardants can exceed $340 billion a year. Read more >

Want to Curb Kids' Electronic Media Use?
Esther Entin, M.D.

First you need a plan. Setting limits now will pay off. These guidelines will get you on your way. Read more >

Parenting In The Digital Age
Esther Entin, M.D.

Parents now have to juggle the demands of their children with those of their electronic devices. Read more >

Codeine and Kids: A Dangerous Mix
Neil Wagner

It is too easy to overdose a child without meaning to. A report in Pediatrics explains why. Read more >

Mall-Walking, Anyone?
Esther Entin, M.D.

There are lots of reasons too many people over 50 are inactive, but it's easy to build activity into your life. Read more >

Toxic Dust
Neil Wagner

A study finds carcinogens and endocrine disruptors in household dust -- all over the country. Read more >

Hidden Hearing Loss
Esther Entin, M.D.

Hearing problems like tinnitus now appear to reflect subtle noise damage routine exams often miss. Are you guilty of ear abuse? Read more >

A Safer Kind of Football Practice
Alice G. Walton

A simple change to kids' football practice routines can reduce the risk of brain injury by over a third. Read more >

For Teens, Dieting Can Lead to Eating Disorders
Esther Entin, M.D.

Teens who are overweight often turn to extreme dieting. The result? An eating disorder. Family meals help. Read more >

You Need to Eat More Plants
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Meats are killers. Here's a game plan to help you begin to move to a more plant-based diet. Read more >

Should You Trust Your Gut?
Alice G. Walton

When business execs had to evaluate candidates, they thought their instincts would work. Turns out they were wrong. Read more >

Binge-Eating, Disordered and Not
Esther Entin, M.D.

Binge-eating disorder is not just about out-of-control eating. It takes an emotional toll, too. Read more >

Corporate Wellness Programs: Pros and Cons
Maxwell J. Mehlman, J.D.

Corporate wellness programs can help; they can also be punitive and invade privacy. Read more >

A Global Look At Anxiety
Esther Entin, M.D.

A review of anxiety research from around the world finds who is more likely to be anxious. Read more >

In Hand or Hands-Free, Cell Phones Distract
Alice G. Walton

Don't think hands-free will make you safer behind the wheel. Your brain has just so much bandwidth. Read more >

How to Be a Bad Boss
Neil Wagner

From nurses to stone masons, workers reported what their superiors do that increases job dissatisfaction and lowers morale. Read more >

Everybody In the Pool!
Esther Entin, M.D.

The water may be fine, but pools, spas and water parks can also be havens for water-borne pathogens. Read more >

Eating for Two
Esther Entin, M.D.

Mothers' weight gain during pregnancy actually changes their babies' metabolisms. Read more >

Silent Heart Attacks
Esther Entin, M.D.

They are more common that even doctors believed, and are likely to be missed — unless you know what to look for or check an EKG. Read more >

Yoga, For Body And Brain
Alice G. Walton

Skip the brain-training. Yoga and meditation can do more for your mood and memory. Read more >

Fighting Obesity at the Table
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Obesity is the product of many influences. The family is one of the best places to counteract them. Read more >

Parents' Effects on the Brain
Esther Entin, M.D.

Supportive parenting actually leaves its mark on key areas of kids' brains, making them better able to handle stress and emotion. Read more >

Tweaks Boost A Vegan Diet
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Vegans tend to be healthier, but even they need to be on the lookout for a number of nutritional deficiencies. Read more >

Insulin Users' Sticker Shock
Neil Wagner

“Evergreening,” a process that is far less friendly than it sounds, is the reason insulin prices have tripled. Read more >

Under-Vaccinated Children, A New Public Health Threat
Esther Entin, M.D.

Parents, the decision not to vaccinate your child can put others at risk. Read more >

Is Your Cell Phone Making You Sad?
Alice G. Walton

Worried about how much time you spend on your phone or computer? Here's one way to think about it. Read more >

The Next Wave of Overdoses
Esther Entin, M.D.

Overdoses and deaths from anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax and Valium are way up. Here's why. Read more >

Not for Elite Athletes Only
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

The sports nutrition market including supplements posted sales of $6.3 billion in 2014. The question is, do supplements help? Read more >

Why We Miss So Many Heart Attacks in Women
Esther Entin, M.D.

Heart attacks in women can be sneaky. Know the warning signs. Read more >

Weight Loss Plans — Over-Marketed and Under-Regulated
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Diet plans are easy to sell, and that, not weight-loss, may be their point. Read more >

How To Become A Former Smoker
Esther Entin, M.D.

Nicotine patches, nicotine gum and varenicline, better known as Chantix, are tested head-to-head. Read more >

Age-Related Cataracts
Enoch B. Kassa, M.D and Yang Sun, M.D., Ph.D.

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness around the world even though they are usually fully correctable with surgery. Read more >

When You Don't — and Do — Need Antibiotics
Esther Entin, M.D.

Why do people go to the doctor hoping to make cold symptoms disappear when it doesn't work and can be dangerous? Read more >

Diet and Microbial Diversity
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

A lack of fiber doesn't just hurt our own digestion. It imperils the intestines of generations to come. Read more >

Beep. Talk to Me, Baby
Esther Entin, M.D.

Even before they can talk, babies are picking up communication skills. So do talking toys help? Read more >

The Holidays Are Hard on Pets
Neil Wagner

The holidays pose dangerous opportunity for cats and dogs. Read more >

Why Baby Fat Is Bad News
Esther Entin, M.D.

Infants who gain too much weight in the first months of life are far more likely to go on to develop type 1 diabetes. Read more >

The Politics of Food Science
Neil Wagner

You probably don't want to believe everything you read when it comes to claims about foods. Read more >

Crib Bumpers Are Deadly
Esther Entin, M.D.

Parents think they are doing a good thing when they put soft bumpers in their children's cribs. Nothing could be further from the truth. Read more >

Mighty Microminerals
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

You need to know if you are getting enough trace minerals like copper, selenium, and magnesium. Read more >

Daycare Couch Potatoes
Esther Entin, M.D.

Your child's daycare facility may reserve time for exercise outside, but that doesn't mean it happens. Read more >

Like Magic: A Quick Turn-Around For Kids’ Health
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Simply reducing sugar in the diets of children who are overweight changes their metabolism for the better. Read more >

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Esther Entin, M.D.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders — FASD — are entirely preventable, but they cannot be cured. Read more >

Bullies Can Be Stopped
Esther Entin, M.D.

Anti-bullying laws really can make a difference. Many states are having success. Here's how. Read more >

Managing Asthma
Cathy G. Benninger, RN, MS, CNP and Jennifer W. McCallister, MD, FACP, FCCP

Asthma's symptoms and severity can change, so management is an ongoing process. Read more >

Screen Time Resets Teens’ Body Clocks
Esther Entin, M.D.

Late nights in front of a screen make it hard for teens to fall asleep. Parents may need to step in. Read more >

As Gun Laws Go, So Go Suicides
Neil Wagner

When gun licensing is enacted, suicides drop by as much as 40 percent. It's the opposite when such laws are repealed. Read more >

Oh No! Where's My Phone?
Neil Wagner

See how you stack up when it comes to the anxiety some feel when they can't find their phones. Read more >

E-Cigarettes — Under-Regulated And Far From Risk-Free
Esther Entin, M.D.

E-cigarettes may be creating a new generation of smokers. Read more >

Workaholics, Overtime May Be Killing You
Neil Wagner

Working 10 to 15 hours of overtime each week greatly increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. Read more >

Delay of Game?
Esther Entin, M.D.

NFL players who started playing before age 12 brains' show more damage than those who began later. Read more >

Senior Sex In A Post-Viagra World
Barbara L. Marshall, Ph.D.

More seniors are enjoying sex, but a worrisome emphasis on performance is creeping in. Read more >

Another Disease Re-Emerges
Esther Entin, M.D.

Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding is on the rise, thanks to parents who refuse preventive treatment. Read more >

Your Reusable Grocery Bags May Be Making You Fat
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

When it comes to treating ourselves for good behavior (like remembering our bags) we are pretty resourceful. Read more >

Mammograms, More to Debate
Charlotte LoBuono

A recent report finds that in women over 50 and under 70, mammograms save lives. Read more >

Time to Stop Blaming Fat
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Four decades of nutrition wisdom may be overturned when the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans are released later this year. Read more >

FDA Bans Trans Fats
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

The FDA has banned partially hydrogenated oils starting in 2018. What to look for until then. Read more >

A Picture of Problem Drinking
Esther Entin, M.D.

Alcohol use disorders are common and often come with mental and physical health problems. Read more >

A Plan of Action for Desk Jockeys, Couch Potatoes
Neil Wagner

Guidelines for workers and employers to help get more people off their seats and on their feet. Read more >

What Noise Is Doing to Your Waistline
Neil Wagner

The more noise from trains, planes and automobiles you hear daily, the bigger your waist, and the more belly fat you are likely to have. Read more >

Cancer Screening: Tracking Costs and Benefits
Esther Entin, M.D.

A new set of guidelines to help decide when screening for cancer is —and isn't — a good idea. Read more >

There Must Be a Safer Way to Treat Kids’ Depression
Esther Entin, M.D.

Antidepressants increase the risk of suicide in some kids. Here's why. Read more >

Dieting? Prepare for The Emotional Ride
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Don't let emotions sabotage your diet. Preparation can really help. Read more >

Car Seats and Baby Carriers Are Not Safe For Sleeping
Neil Wagner

Suffocation and falls are risks when kids fall asleep in car seats and carriers, Tips for parents. Read more >

Should 400,000 More Teens Be on Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs?
Esther Entin, M.D.

Over 400,000 more teens would be on heart medications if pediatric guidelines were followed. Read more >

Getting Enough, But Not Too Much, Vitamin D
Malcolm D. Kearns, M.D. and Vin Tangpricha, M.D., Ph.D.

Fatty fish — and the sun — help us get the vitamin D we need. But too much D can be toxic. Read more >

Vitamin D in Health and Disease
Malcolm D. Kearns, M.D. and Vin Tangpricha, M.D., Ph.D.

Nearly half of the population is deficient in Vitamin D. Age, skin color and weight can put you at risk. Read more >

Successful Offensives in the Battle of The Bulge
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Cities have banned super-sized sodas and built bike lanes. What works? Read more >

“You’re The Best!” The Perils of Overvaluing Our Children
Esther Entin, M.D.

Overblown praise often has the opposite effect parents intend. How to give kids the support they need. Read more >

Endocrine Disruptors’ New Threat: Early Menopause
Esther Entin, M.D.

Women exposed to EDCs enter menopause years early. How to avoid exposure. Read more >

The Impact of Parental Depression
Esther Entin, M.D.

When people become depressed, it can be tough on those around them; when those people are parents, the stakes are higher. Read more >

Teens’ Misperceptions of Others’ Risky Behavior
Alice G. Walton

Teens misjudge one another a lot, and it can lead them into trouble. Read more >

Moderate Drinkers at Lower Risk for Heart Failure
Charlotte LoBuono

Drinking offers health benefits, particularly for the heart, that rapidly give way to health risks if you drink too much. Read more >

Depression Too Common Among Teens
Esther Entin, M.D.

Depression is more common among teens than most people realize. Parents, know the warning signs. Read more >

Avocados Are Good for Your Bad Cholesterol
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Avocados help your body process fats, reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. Read more >

Childhood Trauma's Lasting Impact
Esther Entin, M.D.

The effects of traumatic events in childhood can last a lifetime. But they don't need to. Read more >

Brain Impact of Football Hits Seen in Even High School Players
Charlotte LoBuono

Scans of high school players' brains show how hard hits jar the brain and disrupt cells' communication. Read more >

Seniors Vulnerable to Gambling's Allure
Esther Entin, M.D.

Gambling offers seniors excitement and a way to socialize. What could be bad? Actually, plenty. Read more >

Discovery Paves Way for Early Detection of Blood Cancer
Sami Hocine

Two new studies identify the genetic mutations that lead to some cancers and offer hope for treating precancerous conditions early. Read more >

Apps Help Dieters Lose Weight — If They Are Motivated
Charlotte LoBuono

Phone apps can help you lose weight, but it's what they can't do that makes the biggest difference. Read more >

Children Eat Healthier When Parents Set Food Rules
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Kids become better at controlling their own eating when parents set a few rules. They whine less, too. Read more >

More Children Are Harmed by Fetal Alcohol Exposure Than Previously Thought
Esther Entin, M.D.

When pregnant women drink alcohol, their babies drink with them. Read more >

When It Comes to Parent-Child Communication, More Channels Can Help
Annie Sofield Reed, LCSW

When kids move out, parents often struggle to find the right way to communicate. Read more >

Minimizing Your Risk of Gestational Diabetes
Esther Entin, M.D.

Four lifestyle changes can reduce women's risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy by 80%. Read more >

Preventing Racial Disparities in Health Status and Access to Health Care
Ruqaiijah Yearby, J.D., M.P.H.

African-American patients find it easier to deal with physicians whose racism is obvious. At least then they know where they stand. Read more >

The Best Medications for Osteoporosis
Esther Entin, M.D.

There is a wide range of drugs available to treat osteoporosis. How to figure out which is right for you. Read more >

And the Winner of Best Weight-Loss Diet Is...
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Weight loss may be the new Holy Grail. But which plans really help? Pick one that is right for you. Read more >

Junk Food Changes the Brain, But Healthy Foods Can Bring It Back
Alice G. Walton

Too much junk food may wire the brain for unhealthy choices. But you can change this. Read more >

Family Intervention Helps Prevent Psychosis in Vulnerable Youth
Esther Entin, M.D.

When family communication and dynamics improve, psychosis can be nipped in the bud. Read more >

Children‘s Lunch Boxes Fail Nutrition Test
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Tips for sendings kids to school with healthy lunches they'll enjoy. Read more >

Enlisting Community Pharmacies to Improve Healthcare Delivery and Savings
Esther Entin, M.D.

Your local pharmacist just may be one of the best healthcare cost-containment strategies around. Read more >

Stress Is a Recipe for Weight Gain
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Stress can add an extra 100 calories day — even if you don't eat more. For those who are depressed, it's even worse news. Read more >

The Childhood Obesity Crisis: Who Is in Denial?
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Kids can have inaccurate ideas about their own weight. Parents, too. What helps. Read more >

Unstructured Time Helps Develop Children's “Executive” Skills
Esther Entin, M.D.

Children learn the “executive” skills that will help them run their lives best when they have unstructured time. Read more >

3D Mammography Detects More Tumors, Reduces Recalls Versus 2D Alone
Charlotte LoBuono

Breast cancer screening may soon be far more accurate and far more reassuring. Read more >

An Obsession with Popularity Can Handicap Teens' Social Development
Esther Entin, M.D.

Kids obsessed with who's cool may be less popular later in life. They don't know how to make friends. Read more >

Closing the Gap in Alcohol Treatment
Esther Entin, M.D.

Physicians don't offer counseling and AA-type programs can't offer drug therapies. The ACA may help. Read more >

Apathy, Inactivity, and Brain Atrophy
Esther Entin, M.D.

The prospect of dementia haunts people over 50, but what they ought to fear is apathy and inactivity. Read more >

The Keys to Life after a Heart Attack: Medication and Lifestyle Changes Part 2
Richard Josephson, M.D., and Sri K. Madan Mohan, M.D.

For many people, having a heart attack is a wake-up call that sets them on a healthier path. Read more >

Early Morning Light May Help Keep Weight under Control
Alice G. Walton

Getting some early morning sun may not only wake you up – it may help you slim down. Read more >

Weight Gain During and After Pregnancy Signals Serious Health Problems
Esther Entin, M.D.

It's not a problem to gain weight when you are pregnant, but you need to lose it after the baby arrives. Read more >

Parents' Over-Feeding Can Encourage Infants' Overeating
Esther Entin, M.D.

Overfeeding babies sets the stage for lifelong weight problems. It's easy to avoid the pitfalls. Read more >

New Mothers Face An Increased the Risk of Stroke
Esther Entin, M.D.

New moms are at higher risk for having a stroke, but too often the signs go unnoticed. Read more >

Acetaminophen Use in Pregnancy May Raise Risk of Hyperactivity
Esther Entin, M.D.

Acetaminophen has some bad effects on unborn babies and may be behind the rising rates of ADHD. Read more >

Video Game Improves Ball Players' Vision and Skills
Charlotte LoBuono

A video game helped baseball players improve their vision. The results were seen on the field. Read more >

Life After Weight Loss Surgery
Leslie Carr

Bariatric surgery can help some lose enough weight to improve their health, but it is not problem-free. Read more >

Exposure to Ultraviolet Rays Lowers Blood Pressure
Esther Entin, M.D.

A little time in the sun significantly lowered blood pressure. But what about skin cancer? Read more >

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Diagnoses on The Rise
Esther Entin, M.D.

More and more children are being diagnosed and treated for attention deficits. Is this a good thing? Read more >

Too Few Doctors Talk to Teen Patients About Sex
Charlotte LoBuono

Doctors tend not to discuss sex with their teenaged patients. What a wasted opportunity. Read more >

Brain Training Can Help Prevent Cognitive Decline in the Years to Come
Alice G. Walton

Training sessions can protect aging brains against cognitive decline — up to a decade later. Read more >

BRCA Mutations and Breast Cancer, New Recommendations
Esther Entin, M.D.

Women, like Angelina Jolie, and men with BRCA gene mutations have much higher risk for breast cancer. Read more >

FDA Begins Inquiry into The Effects of Antibacterial Soaps
Esther Entin, M.D.

The active ingredient has been found in breast milk. FDA investigates. Read more >

For Teens, Sleep Is a Family Affair
Esther Entin, M.D.

Puberty wreaks havoc on teens' sleep cycles; so do teens' family and social relationships. Read more >

How to Keep Those Holiday Pounds Off
Neil Wagner

The holidays are a great time...to gain weight. Here are tips for ways to avoid picking up pounds. Read more >

How Couples Use Texting Can Bring Them Closer, Drive Them Apart
Charlotte LoBuono

Text messages offer lovers another way to whisper endearments. But some texts just shouldn't be sent. Read more >

Too Much of a Good Thing: Antibiotics Overprescribed For Sore Throats
Charlotte LoBuono

Your throat is sore. Sure, it's terrible; but if you're an adult, it is unlikely you need an antibiotic. Read more >

Young Children Behave Better When They Have a Consistent Bedtime
Esther Entin, M.D.

Young children need to go to bed at a regular, consistent time. Think of it as a miracle cure for bad behavior. Read more >

Severe Obesity On the Rise Among Kids and Teens
Charlotte LoBuono

The fattest kids are getting fatter. Parents and doctors need to step in to help. Read more >

NVC -- Cerebral Blood Flow and Mental Processing: The Case for Cocoa
Charlotte LoBuono

Our brains use blood the way a Formula 1 car guzzles gas. Cocoa appears to help keep blood flowing. Read more >

Preventing Drop-Outs: Keeping Kids Engaged in School
Esther Entin, M.D.

Keeping kids engaged in school is perhaps the most important thing you can do to foster success. Read more >

When Bullying Hits Home: Sibling Rivalry or Dangerous Victimization?
Esther Entin, M.D.

Siblings will fight, but bullying happens at home, too. And the emotional impact is just as serious as when it happens at school. Read more >

Vaginal Changes After Menopause
Nancy A. Phillips, M.D. and Gloria A. Bachmann, M.D.

Pain during sex is a common experience among older women, but it doesn't have to be that way. Read more >

Help Navigating the World of Dietary Supplements
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Consumers now have help navigating the uncharted waters of the enormous supplement market. Read more >

Just One Sugary Drink A Day Increases Diabetes Risk Significantly
Alice G. Walton

Oh come on! How much can one little sugary drink a day up your risk for diabetes? Pretty significantly. Read more >

Companies Help Workers Lose Weight on the Job
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Companies seeking to cut healthcare costs might want to consider offering financial incentives for weight loss. Read more >

Confirmed: The Cardiovascular Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Olive oil, nuts, a glass of wine, what's not to love about the Mediterranean diet? It prevents heart attacks, too. Read more >

Helicopter Parents: When Mothering Is Smothering
Neil Wagner

College kids whose parents haven't learned to let go are prone to anxiety and depression. Support autonomy. Read more >

Obese and Overweight Children Face Serious Health Risks
Esther Entin, M.D.

You wouldn't let your child play near the street unsupervised; don't let him or her eat unsupervised either. Read more >

Health Tips to Carry Forward into 2013
Leslie Carr

New years are for fresh starts and self improvement. Here are some findings to take with you into 2013. Read more >

Pediatricians Come Out in Favor of Emergency Contraception for Teens
Esther Entin, M.D.

The AAP says girls need to know emergency contraception is an option when birth control fails. Read more >

The Emotional Lives of Parents
Alice G. Walton

Some studies suggest parenting is linked to happiness, while others claim the opposite. A new one gets closer to the truth. Read more >

Bringing Your Nutritional Makeover Home
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

Planning meals is key to your nutritional makeover. Eating out? Bag some food before you begin. Read more >

Newborn Screening
Esther Entin, M.D.

Screening newborns for a variety of conditions saves lives. But finding care can be difficult. Read more >

The Health Effects of Caffeine
Charlotte LoBuono

Coffee, or more generally, caffeine, offers many protective effects; except when it comes to fertility. Read more >

Cytomegalovirus, A Serious Health Risk Hiding in Plain Sight
Esther Entin, M.D.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is responsible for roughly 20% of the hearing loss in newborns. Read more >

Managing Major Depression During Pregnancy: To Treat or Not to Treat?
Jennifer L. Payne, M.D.

Taking antidepressants while pregnant can mean choosing between a woman's mental health and potential risks to the fetus. Read more >

Recess: A Learning Opportunity
Esther Entin, M.D.

Recess can be an arena for bullies or a lab for learning the social skills needed to get past conflict. Read more >

Less Frequent Pap Testing Recommended
Susan H. Scher, MD

Pap tests save lives, but new guidelines urge women to be tested less often. It's safer. Read more >

Endometriosis: Symptoms, Treatments, and Becoming Pregnant
Kenan Omurtag, M.D., and Amber R. Cooper, M.D., M.S.C.I.

When tissue from the lining of the uterus starts to grow outside it, fertility can be affected. Read more >

Breastfeeding as a Public Health - and Family – Issue
Esther Entin, M.D.

Breastfeeding has so many health benefits, it's like a miracle drug. But work and family can be obstacles. Read more >

The Marriage Problem
Alice G. Walton

Marriage carries with it the threat of divorce. But it also offers significant health benefits. Read more >

Progestins and the Brain
Muye Zhu and Roberta Diaz Brinton, Ph.D.

Progestins influence virtually every major organ system, particularly the brain, where they may prevent cell degeneration. Read more >

Having Trouble with Parenthood? You Are Not Alone
Alice G. Walton

Having kids interrupts your sleep, destabilizes your relationship, and costs lots of money and time. So what's the upside? Read more >

Endometrial Cancer: The Most Common Reproductive Cancer in Women
Yevgeniya Ioffe, M.D., and Israel Zighelboim, M.D

Endometrial carcinoma can be detected early if you know what to look for. Read more >

Alcohol: Friend or Foe?
Alice G. Walton

Drinking offers health benefits and risks. Get help sifting through the latest findings. Read more >

The Power of Play
Esther Entin, M.D.

The time kids spend just playing is declining. Well-meaning parents are partly to blame. Read more >

Bringing Home Baby: Doctors and Parents Offer Advice on the Big Decisions
Alice G. Walton

What would new moms do differently the next time around? Reconsidering circumcision and breastfeeding are high on the list. Read more >

Exercise for Seniors: Benefits, Risks, and How To Begin
Calvin H. Hirsch, M.D.

Exercise is the fountain of youth. So what are you waiting for? A plan to get you started. Read more >

How to Mess up Your Kids
Alice G. Walton

Twelve things parents do that can damage their children. How to avoid such mistakes. Read more >

Emergency Contraception: What You Need to Know
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

What's new in emergency contraception and how well does it work? Read more >

Osteoporosis: Treating and Preventing the Most Common Bone Disorder in Women and Men
Robert J. Pignolo, M.D., Ph.D.

Osteoporosis is common among men and women, but there's progress in treatment and prevention. Read more >

Coffee May Reduce the Risk of Cancer - But It Depends on the Cancer
Alice G. Walton

Coffee reduces the risk for cancers — some cancers, anyway. But is coffee always good for you? Read more >

The Science of Skincare: Can We Really Slow Aging?
Alice G. Walton

Skin, our body's largest organ, has simple tastes. The best products are found in the kitchen, not the bathroom cabinet. Read more >

Children and Environmental Chemicals: A Call for Better Regulation
Esther Entin, M.D.

Children are small and low to the ground, leaving them more exposed to environmental toxins. Read more >

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: The Most Common Hormone Disorder in Women
D.A. Dumesic, M.D., M. Goodarzi, M.D., Ph.D., G. Chazenbalk, Ph.D., D. Geller, M.D., and D.H. Abbott, Ph.D.

PCOS can interfere with fertility and make pregnancy risky. Worse, it brings long-term health problems. Read more >

Simple Febrile Seizures: Revised Practice Guidelines and Advice for Parents
Esther Entin, M.D.

Seizures that occur when a child has a fever are scary, but are they dangerous? Sometimes. Read more >

Nature and Nurture: Social Environments Influence Genetic Blueprints
Esther Entin, M.D.

A study of children two and under shows just how much being poor restricts kids' genetic potential. Read more >

Easing Menopause: Estrogen For the Brain
Istvan Merchenthaler, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc. and Laszlo Prokai, Ph.D., D,Sc.

Getting estrogen to your brain is the quickest route to reducing some of menopause's worst symptoms, like hot flashes and memory loss. Read more >

Stages of Puberty and the Risk of Violent Teens
Esther Entin, M.D.

Teen violence can de-rail young lives. A new study links it to a teen's stage of sexual development, not age. Read more >

Simple or Sophisticated? The Male Reproductive System... Explained
Alice G. Walton

Men's sexual systems produce erections and millions of sperm. Their complexity is often overlooked until something goes wrong. Read more >

The Genetics of Breast and Associated Cancers
Jennifer Barrick, M.S., C.G.C., Nancie Petrucelli, M.S., C.G.C., and Michael S. Simon, M.D., M.P.H.

Genetics plays a role in breast cancer risk, so do other hereditary syndromes. Learn what to look for. Read more >

Kids and Screens: Media and Health
Esther Entin, M.D.

Teens' screen time offers risks and rewards. How to minimize the risks. Read more >

The Female Reproductive Cycle...Explained
Alice G. Walton

The hormonal changes surrounding ovulation are often intense. Read more >

Stressed Out, Part II: Managing Stress
Alice G. Walton

Stress is a fact of life, but you can learn to manage it better, both mentally and physically. Read more >

Psychiatric Drugs During Pregnancy: Benefits, Risks, Alternatives
Esther Entin, M.D.

Timing makes a difference when it comes to taking antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs while pregnant. Read more >

Exercise: A Boost for Aging Brains and Bodies
Esther Entin, M.D.

A series of studies on exercise and aging shows that brisk walking can improve bones, heart and balance. Read more >

Breast Milk: The Best Food Money Can't Buy
Esther Entin, M.D.

For most babies, breast milk is the best milk, but it is important to supplement with vitamin D. Read more >

From Silent to Serious: Chlamydia Infections in Teens and Young Adults
Esther Entin, M.D.

The STD chlamydia can be diagnosed with a urine specimen and does not require a pelvic examination or vaginal or urethral culture. Read more >

Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
Renata Urban, M.D., and Jonathan S. Berek, M.D., M.M.S.

By the time most women seek treatment for epithelial ovarian cancer, the disease has already reached an advanced stage. Read more >

Understanding Scientific Studies
Tom Gilbert

It is important to know if the information you are gathering on the Web is from a credible source. Read more >

Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis
John E. Morley, M.B., B.Ch. and Sheri R. Colberg, Ph.D.

Strong Bones, Healthy Joints
John E. Morley, M.B., B.Ch., and Sheri R. Colberg, Ph.D.

Your bone mineral density should be repeated after two years to determine your rate of bone loss. Read more >

Coming Soon? Targeted Therapies for Ovarian Cancer
Frederick Sweet, Ph.D.

Frederick Sweet, Ph. Read more >

Human Papilloma Virus and Cervical Cancer
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

Modern medicine's battle against cervical cancer is a tale of two worlds. Read more >

The Detection and Management of Osteoporosis
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

Author's Note: I would like to thank Dr. Read more >

Female Infertility
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

Author's Note: The expert advisors for this article are James M. Read more >

Male Infertility
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

If you have a low sperm count and are trying for a pregnancy, you should avoid hot tubs and saunas. Read more >

HIV/AIDS in Women
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

Anal sex carries a higher risk for HIV infection than vaginal sex. Read more >

The Latest on Emergency Contraception
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

After taking emergency contraception, women should avoid having unprotected sex until their next period begins. Read more >

Genetic Counseling and Breast Cancer
Dharmen Patel, M.D., Lawrence Shapiro, M.D., and Robert G. Lerner, M.D.

Both women AND men can get breast cancer from inherited breast cancermutations. Read more >

Medical Abortion in Practice: An Interview
Tom Gilbert

To learn more about practical issues involving medical abortion, TheDoctor's Tom Gilbert, interviewed Jini Tanenhaus, Associate Vice President for the Clinician Training Initiatve, Planned Parenthood of New York City. Read more >

The Three M's of Medical Abortion — Mifepristone, Methotrexate and Misoprostol
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

An IUD must be removed before taking medical abortion drugs like RU-486. Read more >

Yusuf Yazici, M.D., and Akgun Ince, M.D.

Strengthening exercises for the quadriceps can help relieve symptoms of knee arthritis. Read more >

A Body to Die For: The ABC's of Eating Disorders
Kathryn J. Zerbe, M.D.

Recovering bulimics should protect their teeth by NOT brushing vigorously. Read more >

Anxiety Disorders
Kathryn J. Zerbe, M.D.

Psychodynamic therapy works best with those who are curious to learn more about themselves and their inner thoughts. Read more >

Coping with Menopause
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

At menopause, use a lubricant to help maintain a good sex life. Read more >

A Better Way of "Living" With Lymphedema
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

Answer: the lymphatic system. Read more >

Coronary Heart Disease in Women
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

Two common conditions that can produce chest pain and are frequently confused with angina are esophageal reflux disease and panic attacks. Read more >

Tobacco and Women: Trends and Strategies for Quitting
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, if an American woman smoked a cigarette it was considered disgraceful behavior. Read more >

Urinary Incontinence
John E. Morley, M.D.

Incontinence, the inability to restrain the discharge of urine, is an extremely common and highly treatable disorder. Read more >

Screening for Colorectal Cancer in Women: Not Just a Man's Disease
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

There is an odd perception that colorectal cancer (CRC) is a man's disease. Read more >

The Genetics of Breast Cancer
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

Everyone of us has had a friend or relative concerned about their family history of breast cancer. Read more >

Taking Osteoporosis Out of Your Future — A Major Challenge for Women
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

Balance exercise, like Tai Chi, can lessen the risk of falls. Read more >

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