Stay on the Sunny Side

Vitamin D helps keep memory sharp and bones strong. Yet nearly 25% of older adults are deficient in it. Sun and a few foods help. READ MORE >

"White Coat Hypertension"

High blood pressure readings at the doctor's office used to be seen as nothing much to worry about. Not any more. READ MORE >

Summertime Flu? Not Likely

Our immune systems don't work so well in dry air. That's why influenza mostly takes hold in the cold. READ MORE >

Helping Caregivers of Dementia Patients

Burnout and depression are common among those caring for people with dementia. Enjoying positive moments, however fleeting, makes it better. READ MORE >

The Sleep Myths Keeping You Up at Night

Sleep is one of the best ways to safeguard your health, but our mistaken ideas about it can stand in the way of those benefits. READ MORE >

Dodging the Periodontist

Inflammation goes down and gum health improves when dentists take the time to give patients strategies for oral care. READ MORE >

Choose Foods, Not Supplements

Nutritional supplements have some concerning associations with heart disease, cancer and health in general. Buy good food instead. READ MORE >

Mobility Disability: The Ten Minute Solution

People with osteoarthritis who exercised just one hour a week were 85% more likely to be able to live on their own. READ MORE >

Colon Cancer Screening by Mail

Screening for colon cancer in your own home has real appeal, but some still need an incentive. READ MORE >

Inflammation Weakens Aging Bones

Inflammation helps the body fight disease, but it can also harm bones. READ MORE >

Screening for Osteoporosis with Ultrasound

Ultrasounds of a bone in your heel may be a low-cost alternative to DEXA scans for osteoporosis screening. READ MORE >

Over 80? Cholesterol Might Help

High levels of "bad" cholesterol and triglycerides can actually make it more likely that people in their 80s will remain fully functional. READ MORE >

Does Bone Strength Begin in the Brain?

Researchers have succeeded in making bones denser and stronger in the lab. The key appears to be a protein in the brain. READ MORE >

Exercise Takes Years Off the Mind

Seniors who exercised and ate well had significant cognitive improvements – in as little as six months. READ MORE >

Untreated Hearing Loss Leads to Health Problems

Hearing loss makes it harder for seniors to think and socialize, and easier for them to fall. Addressing it saves healthcare dollars. READ MORE >

For Seniors, Protein Matters

Hoping to remain independent in old age? Give your body what it needs to stay strong. READ MORE >

Build Strong Bodies Two Ways

Bones need good nutrition and exercise to be strong, but one of these ingredients is far more important. READ MORE >

Stop Frailty Before It Starts

Simply eating foods with enough of these key vitamins can cut your risk of becoming frail by as much as 90%. READ MORE >

Older is Not Wiser

Seniors are less likely than younger generations to realize -- and admit -- an error. READ MORE >

No Gains from Brain Games

Brain training does not translate into gains on similar brain tasks. There are better ways to stay sharp. READ MORE >