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Who is is actually a group of 18 distinguished physicians and a bioethicist from 15 U.S. medical schools, all of whom teach and do research in their areas of expertise. Our authors write the articles or invite equally renowned guest colleagues to do so. We try to bring you not only the most up-to-date medical information but also a perspective on these medical advances.

How can I find a topic on

Go to Contents for a list of our articles, discussions, MeditorialsTM and special health information events. You can also use Search to find out if we've written about a particular subject.

Are there any fees to read the articles or participate in discussions?

No, is free.

Who answers questions posted on

Our doctor/authors choose among questions submitted and answer them. Generally, that person will be a specialist familiar with the medical issues you raised. You will always know who answered your question or comment and what their background and professional training are.

Do specialists answer all the questions they receive?

It would be nice, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, this is not possible, given their workload and time pressures. Our editors will select some of the most broadly useful questions and forward them to our authors who will answer as many as they can. Keep in mind that, for liability reasons, our medical experts and authors will discuss only hypothetical patients and not make specific medical recommendations. For specific medical advice, you should contact your health care provider.

How can I offer feedback?

Send your comments and suggestions to the We'll try to answer as many as we can.

How can I best view is easy to navigate. If you download the latest version of Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer, it will even be easier.

Do I need to register?

Only to use our "Discuss" or "Ask" features. Because we want to encourage responsible comments and questioning, we ask that if you want to post a comment or ask the author or a guest moderator a question, you let us know who you are.

What does registration involve?

You'll have to answer a brief questionnaire about yourself and the kinds of programming you want. Your answers help us bring you articles of interest to our readers. The information we collect will never be released to anyone outside without your permission.

Can I change my member information?

Yes. Click on "Register" on the toolbar and then on "Update info."

Do we track "cookies"?

Yes. "Cookies" are information packets that your browser records and saves on your computer's hard drive. uses cookies only occasionally to measure the number of visitors from other websites. Also, in order to complete some functions in the Discussion area, your browser must accept cookies. With our cookies, we can't identify you, but if you remain concerned about cookies you can change your browser settings so as to prevent acceptance of cookies.

I've forgotten my password!

Please visit our password request page, where you will be asked to supply the e-mail address you used to register. If your e-mail address is found in our database, your password will be sent within a few minutes by e-mail. If you're not sure what e-mail address you used, please send a request for your password to and a staff person will look up your password and send it to you by e-mail.

Whom do I contact about advertising?

If you want to advertise on, e-mail our sales staff at

Last Modified: January 23, 2011